My Freedom Bra is your solution to strapless and backless garments in your closet. Strong, skin-friendly adhesion, combined with a flattering push-up effect, makes our bra an essential undergarment in your wardrobe.
Say goodbye to adhesive bras that sag and pull, and say hello to My Freedom Bra. These innovative nipple covers ensure that you will be supported, comfortable, and look amazing, no matter what you’re wearing.
Looking for an adhesive bra that is flattering, discreet, and comfortable? Then the Freedom Bra is your answer. This bra is perfect for any event and any style of dress or top, no matter how revealing.

What is a Freedom Bra ?

My Freedom Bra is an adhesive bra that combines the invisible, discreet coverage of pasties with the flattering, feminine look of a push-up bra. The ultra-sticky, skin-safe adhesion on our bra means it will stay put throughout the day. The unique design is also what makes this bra so special. Achieve the look of natural cleavage with the rabbit ear tabs on each cup, which lift the breasts and provide a breathable, comfortable, and flattering fit. The days of worrying about a wardrobe malfunction or uncomfortable, unflattering pulling and slipping are done!

What outfits can i wear with this bra ?

This invisible lift-up bra can be worn with any outfit on any occasion. Backless, strapless, plunge, v-neck, halter, cross-back, and off-shoulder styles are all easy to wear with this product. No more worrying about discomfort or a fashion mishap. These nipple covers are the perfect choice for wedding, prom, party, club, or casual looks. My Freedom Bra is also available in two colors, nude and black, to ensure you can wear it under any color of clothing.

How do I apply the product ?

Our adhesive bra is incredibly easy to apply. Simple remove the protective sheet and put aside for easier storage later. Make sure skin is clean and free of lotions or creams, and affix the cup to the center of you breast. Hold for a few seconds to ensure full adhesion, and lift the rabbit ears shaped tab for the desired amount of push-up and apply to the skin. Hold for a few more seconds and repeat on the other side. Our bra comes in three sizes, so you can find your perfect fit. The bunny ear tabs are also able to be cut and modified to the perfect length and shape for your needs.

How long does this adhesive bra last ?

With proper care, this bra can be reused about ten times. To keep your pasties lasting as long as possible, make sure to only use on completely clean skin and wash after each use. Wash silicone with a small amount of gentle soap and leave to airdry in a shaded place. Once dry, apply the protective sheet to the adhesive for easy storage and to avoid debris. Do not expose the bra to the sun.